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Cyprus is the third largest island in Mediterranean , and the ideal destination for great holidays . A story past 10,000 years long has seen civilizations come and go and the likes of everyone from Alexander the Great to Cleopatra stake their claim here - but then, people do tend to get possessive when faced with such beauty. Aphrodite made her home on Cyprus , and travelers throughout antiquity came here just to pay her tribute.

Today Cyprus is a modern country that effortlessly marries European culture with ancient enchantment. One of the benefits of being a Mediterranean island is plentiful sunshine throughout the year, and Cyprus is no exception. In fact, Cyprus epitomizes the ideal weather of the region with sunny days and fine temperatures almost every day. Extremes of temperatures are rare, meaning Cyprus has something to offer every month of the year, whether it's swimming (as late as November) or enjoying cultural sites and festivals (all year long).

Enjoy the sun, the sandy beaches , the golden and clean waters, the nature, the hospitality of the locals. Choose the kind of holiday you prefer; either in cosmopolitan cities; Paphos , Limassol , Nicosia , Ayia Napa and Larnaca , or in timeless villages and in the unspoilt countryside.